‘We observe observing.’  —— Ranulph Glanville



Our minds are not fixed, they are fluid.

‘It is...’ is a temporary thing.

As time passes, what we invest and believe is fragile.


Sometimes, I see mind as a light bulb that keeps turning on/off.

In the on/off process we come to know.



Originally from China, graduated from Royal College of Art, London in 2018, Junyi Yang is a conceptual artist doing multidisciplinary artworks. Through deconstructing surroundings in daily life her works bring challenges to people’s perception, and things that are hidden behind appearances step into the light.




MA Jewellery and Metal, Royal College of Art, London, UK, 2018


BA(Hons) First-class Jewellery Design and Related Products, Birmingham City University, Birmingham, UK, 2016


BA Jewellery, China University of Geosciences, Wuhan, China, 2016


Born in 1993, China





Made in mind series II, Gallery Mcube, Lalitpur, Nepal, 2020

Guangzhou International Art Fair, Guangzhou, China, 2019


ID:, Bloomsbury Gallery, London, UK, 2019


Orbit UK Art Graduates Show: 'Speak to the world', Bargehouse, London, UK, 2018


Royal Academy Summer Exhibition, Royal Academy of Arts, London, UK, 2018


'I believe...', Munich Jewellery Week, Munich, Germany, 2018



All works © artist Junyi Yang